What Happens During a Session?

Jeremy will conduct a series of observations – assessing your ankles, knees, and hips & shoulders. Then, using cutting-edge software, he will educate you on his findings and assign your postural exercises.

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Postural Alignment Therapy

Palmetto Pain Free

Palmetto Pain Free

Your muscles move your bones. So, by reeducating your muscles in accordance with Postural Alignment Therapy, they will move your bones in a way that is more functional and instrumental to a pain-free outcome as a result.

The Majority of Postural Exercises
Provide muscle activation at the hip, which changes the mid-back, and ultimately impacts the outer extremities from there (i.e. neck, shoulder, knees, ankles, feet).

Postural Alignment Therapy

Whats Happens During a Session?

First, Jeremy will have a careful conversation with you about your history of pain and discomfort.

Then, he will analyze your posture by looking at your gait and asking you to perform a few test postural exercises.

Next, he will assess how your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders align and interact with one another via a series of pictures that he will take: 1) a front view 2) a back view 3) a left side view 4) a right side view.

Immediately following the photos, Jeremy will generate a series of postural exercises via cutting-edge software, educate you on his findings, discuss goal-setting, and finally demonstrate, instruct and assign a customized postural exercise menu for you that will begin the process of correcting any postural deviations while also providing chronic pain relief.

Additional Information

Use this resource to answer any general questions you may have about the sessions. If you do not find an answer, feel free to contact Palmetto Pain Free today!

YES!  Although it is recommended and beneficial to be seen in person by Jeremy for your first session, it is not necessary and Zoom/Skype, etc. are valuable tools and part of what makes postural assessment, education, and instruction so doable.

Sessions typically range from about 60 – 90 minutes.

You will need a willing attitude ready for responsibility and change!  Also, form-fitting clothes like yoga pants, shorts, tank tops, and tucked-in t-shirts are necessary for postural photos.

Postural exercise menus usually take about 20 minutes to complete. Ideally they need to be done once in the morning and once in the evening.

Pain relief can happen immediately, but ultimately takes time. “Results” are what we’re looking for.

Ask yourself: How long have you been in pain? How long has your body been in a dysfunctional position? Getting back to certain activities discussed during goal-setting will vary from client-to-client based upon postural changes and adjustments to your postural exercise menu during return visits.

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